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Digital Operation!

GQF Genesis 1588 Hovabator

GQF "Genesis" 1588 Digital Incubator
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GQF Deluxe Multi-Turn Electronic Thermostat with plug - Item #3255
Upgrade your wafer thermostat or replace an old electronic thermostat with the 3255 Multi Turn thermostat. This unit offers more accurate adjustment of temperature over single turn thermostats as one complete revolution changes temperature only 1.7F. **(Electronic Thermostats are guaranteed for use in GQF Cabinet incubators only)** 110 V. 400 W. Max This thermostat is the recommended replacement for non pre-set electronic thermostat models and wafer thermostat models.

GQF Wafer Thermostat - Item # 3122
Complete 22 Amp replacement for GQF CABINET INCUBATOR. Includes surge guard. Adjustable between 75 and 120 degrees F. depending on room temperature.