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Digital Operation!

GQF Genesis 1588 Hovabator

GQF "Genesis" 1588 Digital Incubator
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RCom Mini Incubator
Eggs are gently warmed and turned automatically as they incubate. The digital display even counts down each day to tell you when they are due to hatch. Automatically turns 3 eggs or optionally turns 7 smaller eggs. Just choose between one of the 5 settings (chicken, duck, pheasant, quail or mystery bird) and the micro-controller holds the correct temperature, turning and length of incubation. Turning will even stop automatically 2 days prior to hatching. See below for ordering optional egg trays for 7 smaller eggs such as quail or two larger eggs such as goose. Unit is already equipped to incubate and turn 3 chicken or duck eggs. 12Vdc with included 120 Volt AC Wall Adaptor. Size: 8"x10 1/4" x 4 3/8". 3.92 lbs.

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RCom Mini Egg Incubator


RCom Mini 7-Egg Tray
The SR-07 insert increases the R-com capacity from its standard 3 chicken or duck size eggs to 7 smaller eggs (quail eggs, lovebird, etc. or smaller).

RCom Mini 2-Egg Tray
With the SR-02 set of 2 large egg inserts, the R-com incubator can accomodate 2 goose eggs, peafowl eggs or equivalent instead of the standard 3 chicken/duck eggs.

RCom Mini Cig Pwr Cord
The RJ120 cigarette lighter cord for the R-com Mini incubator allows the unit to be connected to a car cigarette lighter 12 Volt D.C. socket. Perfect for using the RCom Mini incubator to keep eggs or small hatchlings warm during transport.

RCom Mini Power Adapter (replacement)
Complete replacement power adapter and cord for the RCom Mini incubator for 120 volt AC opertion. (no returns on these, all tested before shipment).

RCom Mini Hatch Mats
The RP-200 hatching mats offer a grippy surface for chicks to walk on and help prevent sprayed legs. Set of 2 of each 3-egg and 7-egg hatching mats.

RCom Mini Clear Tray
The RT-300 clear plastic tray is supplied as standard with the incubator. It is placed under the eggs at hatching time to protect the turning mechanism from damages caused by dust, shell & hatching debris, etc.

RCom Egg Candler
The RC100 Cordless Egg Candler is for candling eggs with pale shells. For monitoring the development of embryos during incubation. Infertile eggs and dead embryos can be removed, the air space can be gauged and humidity adjusted accordingly. Battery powered (not included). 3 other models of more powerful egg candlers are available for dark, mottled eggs or very small exotic eggs.